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What is the European Order Point System?

  1. The European Order Point System will help you determine which business unit(s) can assist you with your order for a particular Anagram item.
  2. Inventory Status - Often time’s more than one business unit will carry the same item. This indication does not provide inventory status; however, the business unit you contact will be able to provide you with availability.
  3. Business Units included in the system are Amscan-Europe, Amscan UK and Anagram
  4. Licensed Items -- This system does not determine license rights, therefore, you must check with our customer service as to whether or not a licensed item can be purchased in your location.

You can search by...

  1. Entering in an item number or partial item number
  2. Selecting a Fullfillment Company from drop-down
  3. Both 1 and 2

How current is the data in the system?

The data in the system is updated every Saturday, therefore, will include any new items from Amscan-Europe, Amscan UK and Anagram on a weekly basis