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 We've done the math, studied our geometry, and we know we have the next big thing with Anagram's geometric UltraShapes™ - a New Angle on Balloons!  Inflation is the only thing basic about these unique shapes of brilliantly colored Cubez™ and Diamondz™ Click here to view our instructional video:


Balloons From Another Dimension - have out-of-this-world shape, design, brilliance, and float!  Imagine the impact of these high-quality, boldly colored spheres orbiting around at retail! Click here to view our instructional video; 

QR Code Balloons

These 18” designs are innovative as well as just plain fun.  Anagram has used Quick Response code technology, which enables smartphone users to easily access content on the internet right from their phones, and printed them right on our balloons!  Consumers can use their camera-enabled smartphones, along with a QR code reader (downloadable free from their app store of choice), to scan the QR code on the balloon, which takes them instantly to an exclusive internet site to view a short online video – 1 for each balloon design.  These videos are a great added value, and can be played over and over again – keeping the fun alive!  Click on the QR code balloon to view the short video which shows you more.
                                              Click Here to see all of our QR code Balloons


AirWalkers® Balloon Buddies and
2012 Bouquets:

Balloon Buddies:

Anagram’s innovative Balloon Buddies add a whole new dimension and play factor to balloons.  These Buddies come with their own branded leash, and only have only 1 inflation point that uses a standard foil balloon regulator for inflation, so they are easy to inflate.  Best of all, kids get a kick out of playing with them; they love to run around and play with their new ‘buddies,’ inside and out.




Bouquets present an easy, pre-packaged way to make a statement in a multi-balloon display and offers a beautiful, put-together look that any customer will love to give or get.  Over two dozen new bouquets for 2012 provide a great gift or decoration for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, or just for fun!